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Manufacturing Support Network
Sarnia has long been a global leader in chemicals, synthetic rubber and petroleum based products. More than 20 major petrochemical manufacturing sites are located in the area including Imperial Oil/Esso, Suncor, Amoco, Dow Chemical, Lanxess, Ineos Chemicals, Cabot Canada (manufacturer of carbon black) and Air Products. Shell Canada, Montell Polyolefins, Terra International (nitrogen fertilizer) and Ethyl Corporation (fuel additives) are located south of Sarnia .

Sarnia has the infrastructure and base to support all forms of industrial activity, from the capital-intensive manufacturing of refined petroleum products, chemicals and plastics to automotive parts manufacturing, agrichem products, alternative energy and a variety of light manufacturing activities.

With the growing diversity of its economy, Sarnia offers global expertise in a range of industrial support sectors including plant construction engineering, maintenance and operational support.
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