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Logistics and Transportation
Bluewater Energy Park has a direct link to the North American Super Corridor (NASCO) trade and transportation corridor which spans almost 2,500 hundred miles. The corridor runs through the central United States, eastern and central Canada, and deep into Mexico. It is an existing multi-modal transportation network that connects 444 million people and supports a large part of more than $13 trillion dollar economy of these three nations.

The Port Huron-Sarnia and Detroit-Windsor land border crossings of Southeast Michigan/Southwest Ontario are the most active international crossings on the North American continent. They represent nearly 50 per cent of the total traffic volume crossing the U.S./ Canada border, handling more than 75,000 vehicles each day. Over forty per cent of the total trade volume between Canada and the United States crosses at the Detroit-Windsor and Port Huron-Sarnia border crossings.

The multi-lane Ontario 400 series highways connect Sarnia directly to North America's major markets. Highway infrastructure includes four-lane divided roadways linking South Western Ontario to the United States via twin bridges between Sarnia and Port Huron Michigan and Canada-U.S. border crossings in Windsor and Niagara Falls, Ontario.
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